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Top property hotspots right now in Dubai

As a property investor, it’s good to be kept up to date about property areas in Dubai which are popular at this current time. You don’t want to miss an opportunity for investment in one of the world’s leading cities. Here’s our snapshot of the areas that are attracting the most investment in Dubai according … Continued

Why the Dubai property market is ideal for first time investors

While the regional government is making preparations for the Dubai Expo 2021, there’s little chance of any new projects being announced in the meantime. That’s not to say nothing is happening in the Dubai property market right now! Since the beginning of the Corona crisis and then the easing of lock down, real estate was … Continued

Buying off-plan apartments in London

As countries emerge from the global pandemic, it was considered many industries would be greatly impacted. Although real estate has been affected, the long-term outlook is looking better than first thought. In London alone, the market is showing considerable resilience making a comeback with investors and buyers snapping up property at cheaper prices. This is … Continued

How to buy and invest in off-plan properties in Dubai

Off-plan properties are setting a future investment trend in Dubai currently. The city with its 3m+ population and one of the wealthiest cities in the world, is a place that has no limits in real estate investment opportunities. The city has a unique cultural vibe and offers the exotic lifestyle of the rich and famous. … Continued

5 best things to do in Dubai for families

Dubai is famous for being a top class tourist destination. It’s also a great place to live if you and your family are thinking of taking up residence. If you are thinking of buying in the Dubai property market, make sure to speak with ONE Investments today. So, you’ve now purchased your new dream family … Continued

What is Off-Plan Property?

Off-plan property put simply is where a developer has land with planned housing ready to be built upon it. As an investor/buyer, you are essentially buying and owning a new build which the developer has proposed. This comes with its own positives and negatives which any potential investor would have to consider or be aware … Continued

Why you should buy a property in Dubai?

In this day and age is it still a good idea to buy property in Dubai, let alone anywhere else in the world? The answer is a resounding yes but it all depends on plenty of other factors that determine your decision. Doing your homework is essential to meet your requirements at this point in … Continued

What is BMV (Below the Market) property?

Below the market is a term that can apply to any investment but in this case it is real estate, Below Market Value ( BMV) properties are fundamentally properties available at below the typical market rate at the time. How do normal properties get defined as BMV? The basic reasons are many but it could … Continued

Why Quarantined Londoners Might Be Thinking About a New Home

It appears that life in quarantine is having an effect on attitudes to urban living in Central London according to the Evening Standard. Families in particular for over a month living in the hustle and bustle of the capital, are perhaps looking further afield for London property right into zone 5-6  areas where traffic, noise … Continued

What’s the State of the Dubai Property Market?

At the very start of 2020, the Dubai property sector showed some solid resilience with a year-on year increase in sales, according to Chestertons MENA. In its investigation of the first three months of the calendar year, the house advisory firm said the first quarter saw a downturn in brand new project launches, with approximately … Continued

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